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Omaha Unnecessary Surgery Lawyer

Surgical Errors

In some cases, doctors will rush their patients to surgery without doing the proper work-up, preparation, or research. This can be extremely dangerous to patients, and if not done can lead to medical negligence.

If you have been harmed or lost someone you love as a result of an unnecessary surgery, you need an Omaha unnecessary surgery lawyer. At Watson & Carroll PC LLO, we have been helping injured clients throughout Nebraska in a range of medical malpractice claims, including unnecessary surgery claims.

Bellevue Unsafe Surgery

It is a tragic and all-too common situation in which a surgeon performs an ill-advised surgery, causing serious complications or the wrongful death of the patient. Some examples of surgical negligence include:

  • Wrong surgery: In some cases, a surgeon will perform an operation when the patient didn't need the operation.
  • Inadequate research before surgery: Before any surgery, it is essential to run tests and lab reports to know whether it is safe to perform the surgery. Failure to conduct these tests is a serious breach of a doctor's ethical duty.
  • Failure to examine research: In some cases, doctors or surgeons get the lab information but fail to examine it properly. Our lawyers handled a wrongful death recently in which the doctor had all of the information needed, then performed the surgery in direct contradiction to the information provided by the tests. The patient died as a result of the doctor's negligence.
  • Lack of qualification: In some of the most tragic cases, a surgeon will perform an operation without proper qualifications or certification.

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