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Omaha Transplant Surgery Lawyer

Compensation for Transplant Surgery Negligence

Transplant surgery is a big business in Nebraska. We have a very prestigious surgical center in our area that handles a large volume of transplant surgeries. However, handling this many surgeries can lead to negligence and carelessness, which puts patients in serious danger. If you have been harmed or lost someone you love due to transplant surgery negligence, it is important to work with an attorney who cares about your situation and has the experience and skill to help you obtain justice and compensation for your losses.

At Watson & Carroll PC LLO, our Omaha transplant surgery lawyers represent clients and their families who have been harmed by errors that occur during kidney transplants, heart transplants, liver transplants and other surgical organ transplants. From our Omaha office, our attorneys have been helping injured clients in Nebraska for more than 30 years.

Common Transplant Errors

Transplants, like any surgeries, require a great deal of care and teamwork by the doctors and surgeons involved. Serious complications and wrongful death can result when the medical professionals fail in their responsibilities. Some common transplant errors include:

  • Inadequate research for patient candidacy: Some patients — even if they need a transplant — are not good candidates for the surgery. If the doctor fails to do the necessary research to make sure a patient's body will react appropriately to the transplant, the patient could be pushed into a terribly dangerous surgery.
  • Inadequate donor screening: Many donors have their own medical problems that could be transferred to the patient through the transplanted organs. Doctors are required to screen out cancer, HIV or other serious medical problems that prospective donors could be carrying.
  • Surgical errors: Even when all of the screening, research and preparation have been conducted appropriately, errors and instances of negligence can occur during the transplant surgery itself.

Contact Our Bellevue Transplant Error Attorneys

Transplant errors can cause a great deal of anxiety for everyone involved. It is important to talk with a lawyer as early in the process as possible. We will help you obtain peace of mind by assessing your case for you, informing you of your rights and options, and, if you choose to pursue a claim, providing strategic and aggressive representation for you.

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