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Paralysis and Neurological Injuries

A Neurological Injury Is Devastating

If a loved one in your family has suffered a neurological injury during surgery or pre-surgical testing, your entire family and future will be affected. Paralysis and neurological injuries have a life-changing impact on everyone. When the injury is the result of a medical professional's oversight or miscalculation, the sense of injustice is overwhelming.

No Attorneys Fees Unless You Win

Watson & Carroll PC LLO has nearly 30 years of experience representing victims of serious and catastrophic medical malpractice injuries. Our firm is recognized throughout the legal community for our compassionate, focused approach to helping individual victims and their families protect their rights. Watson & Carroll PC LLO has a firm understanding of the medical issues involved in presenting clear evidence to a jury and what the full compensation needs will be for a lifetime of medical treatment, rehabilitation and a life care plan.

"Paralysis affects the entire family - forever. Holding surgeons and hospitals economically accountable for preventable mistakes is our only way to recover compensation for your catastrophic loss, while fighting for safe medical treatment for others." Watson & Carroll PC LLO

Contact our offices in Omaha, Nebraska, to arrange a free consultation with a lawyer who knows the law, and knows how important your case is to you and your family. We will represent clients who have suffered quadriplegic and paraplegic injuries after surgery at hospitals throughout the Omaha region, including:

  • Methodist Hospital
  • Alegent Health System
  • Creighton Medical Center
  • Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital
  • Nebraska Medical Center
  • Children's Hospital of Omaha

Referrals: Medical negligence cases involving neurological damage are complex. We know that many personal injury litigation firms will not accept them. We often accept cases on referral from other law firms. If you are an attorney seeking to refer a case, talk to Watson & Carroll PC LLO today.

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A Note About Neurological Injuries

Contact us to discuss your paralysis case or other neurological injury. We make complex medical malpractice cases simple.

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