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Surgical Errors

Did Your Surgery Go Terribly Wrong?

The surgeon has a tremendous responsibility to you while you are on the operating table. They must know what is on the X-ray and what the nurses at their side must do correctly throughout the procedure. If you were injured because of a mistake during surgery, you have a right to know what went wrong and to be compensated for it.

No Attorneys Fees Unless You Win  

Watson & Carroll PC LLO has represented surgical negligence plaintiffs throughout eastern Nebraska for nearly three decades. Our firm is recognized for our skill and experience in handling complex litigation when surgery practices and the law intersect. We provide personal service and knowledgeable representation that is always focused on one objective: to help you obtain the full and fair money damages you are entitled to. We believe the court system is the best way to hold surgeons and medical professionals economically accountable for maintaining excellent standards of treatment and care.

"We follow a simple formula in surgical error cases. The surgeon has the responsibility to know what he's cutting and what body parts must be protected during the surgery. Every juror understands and accepts that." Watson & Carroll PC LLO

Contact us to schedule a free consultation about your surgical error claim. From our offices in Omaha, we handle serious medical malpractice cases on contingency. If you don't obtain compensation in a settlement or jury verdict, you won't pay attorney's fees.

We represent clients who have suffered an injury or lost a loved one due to surgical errors, such as:

An Honest Mistake? Or Medical Negligence?

Doctor errors aren't always immediately obvious. You won't know if you have a claim unless you talk to a knowledgeable professional. Yes, mistakes happen and not all surgical injuries are the result of gross negligence. We hold surgeons and medical professionals accountable for negligence stemming from simple lack of concentration, improper preparation, and lack of concern for the patient's safety.

If you think you have a legitimate injury claim for surgeon negligence, obtain your medical records and talk to a knowledgeable medical malpractice lawyer. If you can't come to our offices in Omaha, we can arrange a convenient time and place to meet with you.

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