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Drug Administration Errors

Errors in Administering Prescription Drugs

In order to be safe and effective, all drugs need to be administered properly. In nursing school, nurses learn the five "rights" of drug administration: 1) the right patient, 2) the right drug, 3) the right dose, 4) the right route of drug delivery and 5) the right time and frequency of administration. If any of these "rights" go wrong, the treatment will either be ineffective or will cause serious negative side effects.

In many cases, failing to properly administer drugs can cause serious personal injuries or even wrongful death. If nurses and doctors routinely fail to ensure proper drug administration, then they are a danger to the entire society. Through medical negligence and medical malpractice lawsuits, we can encourage doctors, nurses, and hospitals to take measures to avoid these very preventable mistakes.

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Small Mistakes Can Have Deadly Results

The mistakes that lead to improper drug administration often seem minor at first. A container of drugs may have the wrong label, for example. A drug that is improperly stored may become ineffective or poisonous. A drug may be delivered at a rate of infusion 10 times too high — all because of illegible handwriting.

These minor Communication Breakdowns can lead to severe injury and death. Even if the mistake itself doesn't harm the patient, the patient will still suffer because his or her disease will effectively go untreated. If we accept your case, our law firm will examine the entire scope of our client's treatment in an attempt to determine what went wrong and how.

Our law firm examines the entire scope of our client's treatment in detail, determining precisely what went wrong, and how. We handle cases involving drug administration errors, such as:

  • Failure to order the correct route, site, technique, rate or time of administration.
  • Failure to correctly label a drug container.
  • Failure to properly store and/or inspect medication prior to use.
  • Failure to make sure the patient doesn't have symptoms that make him or her ineligible to receive the drug.

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