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Medication Errors

Omaha Medical Malpractice Attorney

One of the common medical negligence issues that we see again and again are errors with medications. If you have been the victim of a prescription drug error, you may be entitled to compensation from the hospital, your pharmacist or your prescribing physician. Please contact us to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

We have significant experience with medical malpractices cases that involve medication errors including:

With medication error cases, we believe that improving patient safety for clients and the community is the most important goal. One of the ways to accomplish that is by bringing mistakes to the attention of the medical system. There can be very serious consequences and adverse reactions that can result from medication errors and the actions you are taking will help others.

Medical malpractice cases are very complicated. You will want to work with an attorney that has both medical and legal knowledge and has experience negotiating with insurance companies. Malpractice malpractice attorneys at  Watson & Carroll PC LLO have been practicing since 1979 and have represented countless individuals in malpractice cases. While a significant number of these cases will settle out of the courtroom it is still in your best interest to work with an attorney to ensure you are getting a fair settlement and to be prepared in the event that your case goes to trial.

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