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Medical Malpractice Attorney in Omaha

We Are Committed to Improving Medical Care for Everyone

Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals are held to an established standard of care. The legal system, including medical malpractice lawsuits, is one of the single most important forces for making sure doctors are providing the highest quality medical care. When a medical professional's negligence causes someone to suffer injuries and illnesses needlessly, our Omaha medical malpractice attorneys take it upon themselves to bring the medical professional to justice.

At Watson & Carroll PC LLO, our lawyers represent clients in Nebraska in medical malpractice claims. Our law firm has been helping clients obtain full and fair compensation for injuries and illnesses they have suffered for over 30 years.

No Attorney Fees Unless We Win

Bringing a successful lawsuit against a health care provider for his or her negligence is the best way to keep the entire medical profession on alert that they must provide their services with precision, attentiveness and care. This makes the entire medical profession safer for everyone.

If we take your medical malpractice case on contingency, our fees will be based on a percentage of the settlement or judgment we win. If we do not win anything in your case, you will not have to pay attorney fees at all.

As a well-established law firm, we have the resources to handle even the most complex, protracted medical malpractice litigation matters.

Nebraska Medical Mistake Lawyers

We represent clients in medical malpractice litigation involving:

Focused Representation in Medical Malpractice

Because we focus 100% of our attention on medical malpractice cases, we are always up-to-date with the changing laws and regulations regarding the health care industry published by the Joint Commission on Health Care, Accredited Organizations, the Institute of Medicine and the Institute for Safe Medicine Practices, and other nationally respected organizations.

We are able to understand the laws, the complex scientific information involved in the medical industry, and the best way to explain these matters to the ordinary people who sit on juries. We can provide you with exceptional representation if you have been injured by doctor negligence.

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We provide our clients with personalized, aggressive medical malpractice representation in Nebraska, and we frequently accept referrals from other attorneys.

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