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Omaha Chemotherapy Errors Attorney

Protection Against Chemotherapy Errors

Once a patient has been diagnosed with cancer, a doctor will prescribe the best treatment available. In most cases, this treatment is chemotherapy. Chemotherapy introduces a chemical into the body to kill the cancerous cells. It is extremely toxic and dangerous for patients, but right now it is usually considered the most effective treatment available for cancer.

Although most doctors are careful and conscientious about prescribing and administering chemotherapy, errors and instances of negligence do happen. If you have suffered illness, if someone you love has been killed by cancer treatment, it is important to work with an attorney who cares about your situation and has the experience to help you.

At Watson & Carroll PC LLO, our Omaha chemotherapy errors lawyers have more than 30 years of experience representing clients throughout Nebraska in medical malpractice claims that include chemotherapy errors. We will handle your claim with professionalism and care, and we will fight for the compensation you deserve.

The 'Five Rights' of Chemotherapy

The goal of chemotherapy is to introduce the chemical into the body that will destroy the cancer cells. Chemotherapy is extremely toxic, and it destroys other cells along with the cancer cells. It is extremely important that doctors follow the "five rights" when administering chemotherapy:

  1. The right medication: Due to sloppy prescriptions or other errors, there are times when the doctors or nurses administer the wrong treatment.
  2. The right dose: Due to the extraordinary toxicity of chemotherapy, it is essential to monitor the dosage carefully to ensure that the patient will not be overdosed.
  3. The right rate: Introducing too much chemotherapy too quickly can cause serious damage to the patient's health.
  4. The right time: Because chemotherapy is so toxic, destroying many healthy cells along with the cancer cells, it is important for doctors to take care about timing the chemotherapy doses.
  5. The right route: The IV used for chemotherapy is very particular. The IV needs to enter the vein through the proper IV line. If this is not done correctly, chemo drugs can leak out, destroying the local tissue and causing other problems.

Proper Monitoring

Oncologists need to monitor their chemotherapy patients carefully. Chemotherapy often causes a low white blood cell count, bone marrow depression and other dangerous side effects. Without this care, patients are susceptible to serious illnesses and even wrongful death.

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