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Interventional Cardiology Injuries

What Can Go Wrong During Cardiology Tests?

When you are going through cardiology tests, there are risks one might not expect from a test. Cardiology errors can occur at many points during the cardiology exams and procedures and result in serious injuries, such as a punctured artery near the heart or a hematoma forming when the femoral artery is injured while injecting radiological dye. A femoral nerve compression injury can result and the patient can lose the full function of the leg.

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If you have suffered a cardiology injury following a cardiology test, you are entitled to recover compensation for medical negligence. Watson & Carroll PC LLO are recognized throughout out eastern Nebraska as two of Omaha's prominent medical malpractice lawyers. Our firm has the professional resources to handle the complex medical issues involved in proving an interventional cardiology injury claim.

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A Note About Interventional Cardiology Injuries

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