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Omaha Misdiagnosed Heart Attack Attorney

Did Your Doctor Fail to Diagnose Your Heart Attack or Stroke?

In emergency rooms, in urgent care clinics and in doctors' offices, patients often encounter problems when they report symptoms of heart attack or stroke. Doctors and other health care providers often disregard their complaints. Physicians may prescribe some remedy or ask them to report back if symptoms worsen — only to result in a full-scale medical emergency. Both heart attacks and strokes can often be successfully treated with excellent outcomes if the right treatments are delivered in time.

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At the law offices of Watson & Carroll PC LLO, we stand beside patients and their families when diagnosis errors have resulted in injury and loss. Our medical malpractice law firm has a reputation for bringing compelling arguments before juries in cases involving complex medical issues.

"We have over three decades of combined experience fighting on behalf of people who are ignored or improperly diagnosed and treated by doctors. The law is clear: The doctor has to think EVERY time a patient comes in for an office visit. Our law firm uses the law to hold medical specialists and professionals financially accountable for providing the services they are licensed to provide." Watson & Carroll PC LLO

Failure to diagnose and treat a heart attack or stroke in a timely fashion can cause irreversible harm, in many cases leading to permanent disability or death. Failure to diagnose a heart attack or stroke according to acceptable standards of care is medical negligence in many cases. Some key points to keep in mind with regard to heart attack and stroke cases are as follows:

  • Men and women typically have different symptoms of heart attack. Evaluating symptoms such as radiating pain, crushing pain, nausea, vomiting and shoulder pain should take into account the differences between the genders when it comes to diagnosis of a heart attack.
  • In the event of a stroke, there may be a three-to-four hour window of time within which the right treatment can prevent disaster. This time frame can often be calculated based on the last time someone saw a person looking normal. If a doctor fails to start treatment with the tissue plasminogen activator drug known as tPA within that "golden window," the opportunity for maximum recovery will likely be lost.

Contact a Misdiagnosed Stroke Lawyer

We are ready to evaluate your heart attack or stroke misdiagnosis case. It is critical to select a medical malpractice lawyer with the right kind of background. Attorney John F. Carroll is a Licensed Registered Nurse and Attorney with 20 years of health care industry experience. Attorney Steven M. Watson has served on the board of directors of the Nebraska Association of Trial Attorneys (NATA) since 1983. Contact our offices in Omaha to schedule a free consultation. Misdiagnosed heart attack? A lawyer at our firm can help determine if you have a strong case.

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