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Doctor Negligence

In Medical Malpractice Cases, Attention to Detail Makes the Critical Difference

In addition to doctors taking responsibility for their own decisions and actions while diagnosing and treating patients, they are also responsible for the performance of nurses working in their employment. The determination of who exactly is responsible for your injury is a complex one and can involve the hospital or clinic, the physician and nurses or any other support staff.

No Attorneys Fees Unless You Win

Every year, thousands of individuals suffer irreparable injury or die in the U.S. because of doctor and nurse negligence. Watson & Carroll PC LLO are recognized as prominent personal injury and wrongful death trial lawyers who focuses almost exclusively on cases involving medical malpractice.

If you or a loved one has been injured because of a mistake made by a trained medical professional, contact our offices for a free consultation with Watson & Carroll PC LLO. Our firm provides a comprehensive evaluation of your claim and an honest appraisal of the potential compensation you may receive if your suit is successful along with the challenges that would be have to be met to present your case.

How We Approach Your Doctor or Nursing Negligence Case

One of the difficulties inherent to presenting an effective medical malpractice lawsuit is the illustration of complex medical terminology to a jury. Our years of experience have taught us how to clearly present even the most complex issues. We follow a road map that makes the evidence clear for the jury by answering two simple questions:

  • What is the exact nature of the injury to the patient, while in the care of a doctor or nurse?
  • What reasonably could have been done to prevent the injury?

We believe that the court system is the most direct method for patients to hold medical professionals accountable. At the heart of every medical negligence case is the issue of whether the doctor or nurse was careful about the life of the person entrusted in their care. Our approach is to highlight patient safety, a subject everyone can agree on. When the jury members are thinking of their own safety while in the care of a physician or trained medical professional, the issues of negligence usually stand out quite clearly.

Contact us to discuss your case today. Watson & Carroll PC LLO are experienced trial lawyers with nearly three decades of medical malpractice litigation experience. We represent clients in Nebraska.

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