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Communication Breakdown between Health Care Providers

When Health Care Professionals Fail to Communicate

Many health care providers' offices are busy, bustling places. Doctors refer patients back and forth to one another and routinely collaborate on diagnosing illnesses, recommending treatments and other critical tasks. In order for doctors to work effectively together, there must be clear avenues for communication. When communication fails, patients' lives are put at risk.

It is inexcusable when doctors fail to share critical patient information, including medical records and charts, health care histories and current prescriptions. Poor communication systems in hospitals and between health clinics create a danger for the entire society. When illnesses or deaths result, it can constitute medical negligence or medical malpractice.

The attorneys of Watson & Carroll PC LLO in Omaha, Nebraska, have represented medical negligence injury plaintiffs for nearly three decades. They have the skill and experience to handle complex legal issues that arise when the law intersects with medical science. If you or a loved one suffered harm because of a doctor's negligence, call 402-991-2100  or contact our office online for a free consultation with Watson & Carroll PC LLO.

Minor Miscommunication Can Have Enormous Consequences

In a doctor's office, lives depend on clear communication. If a pharmacist misreads a single decimal point on a prescription, it can result in the patient receiving 10 times the recommended dosage. If an office keeps incomplete medical records, then vital patient information could be disregarded or lost. Our law firm handles many varieties of medical miscommunication, including failure to:

  • Communicate essential information to the health care team.
  • Maintain adequate medical records.
  • Coordinate care among the team and properly supervise subordinates.
  • Notify team members of important medical data.
  • Ensure that all patient information is accurate.
  • Legibly prescribe medication.
  • Correctly interpret another health care professional's orders.
  • Respond to a warning about the patient from another health care team member.

Inaccurate medical records and communication breakdowns can cause serious personal injury and wrongful death. In many cases, it constitutes medical negligence or medical malpractice. The victims of negligence need and deserve fair compensation. We will carefully examine the records of your care to try to find out precisely what went wrong.

Some mistakes are honest mistakes. But others are the result of lax oversight or lapses in concentration.

If you or a loved one was harmed by a doctor's poor communication, call us today at 402-991-2100 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with Watson & Carroll PC LLO.

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